The Agnostic Hypothesis: Machine Learning’s Achilles Heel or Midas Touch?
CBL Tea Talk, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, 4 May 2020
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Causal Reinforcement Learning: A Road to Artificial General Intelligence
NOKIA Bell Labs, 28 Nov 2019
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Introduction to Causal Reinforcement Learning
[27 Feb 2019] Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
[14 Mar 2019] Microsoft Research Cambridge
[15 Mar 2019] Amazon Research Cambridge

Causal Computer Vision
Qualcomm Research Netherlands, 7 May 2018

Video Understanding: Prediction, Generation, and Causality
Department of Empirical Inference, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen, Germany, Jan 2017

Modelling Faces in the Wild with Gaussian Processes
2016 SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification, EPFL Campus, Lausanne, Switzerland, April 2016 

Gaussian Processes for Face Recognition
Workshop on Gaussian Processes for Feature Extraction, Sheffield, UK, September 18th, 2014  
Gaussian Process Summer School
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